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Horse riding in English


Лошади на праздник, выездной прокат лошадей, выезд лошадей на мероприятия в Киеве

 Horse riding in English.

If you are traveling in Ukraine and looking for outdoor entertainment near Kyiv, welcome to our stable.

Also, if you are Ukrainian and want to practice your English in a non-standard situation on a horse, we welcome you.

The stable is located in the meadows of the Boryspil region near Kyiv. There are lakes and a river near the stable. Also on the territory of the stable, you can see a herd of free horses.

Horse riding for English-speaking people is only available for one rider because you can only rent one horse and only invite one English-speaking instructor.

If you want to get together and get some riding lessons, the riding lessons will occur one after the other.

You can also arrange a horse ride for one rider with an English-speaking instructor in the meadow by the river. An instructor will guide your horse.

Horse riding in English prices.

For beginners:

Walking on one horse - 1000 UAH for 50-60 minutes.

Riding lessons on one horse - 1000 UAH for 45 min.

For experienced riders wishing to trot and gallop by themselves in the session:

Walking on one horse - 1500 UAH for 50-60 minutes.

Riding lessons on one horse - 1500 UAH for 45 min.

Call us to book the horse riding sessions!

+38097-809-03-08 Viber, telegram


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